Borer can be found in untreated timbers - in structures this is usually the roof and sub floor areas of older houses, but can also be present in door frames, cupboards, skirtings, scotias, etc. Any old furniture which has been made from untreated wood risks being a host to the borer beetle.


It is recommended to treat for borer late August/September to intercept the borer beetle as she will soon be about to take flight in search of a new abode to lay her eggs and repeat the life cycle again. The grubs which are the newly hatched juveniles are the ones that will cause the damage, weakening structures and damaging furniture.


What you can do:

  • Make sure you have ventilation flowing through the sub floor and roof void areas.

  • Check you have no leaking taps/pipes (damp wood can be an attractant)

  • Remove any untreated timbers or old unwanted furniture as this is also an attractant and/or could be a source of the adult borer beetle.


What we can do:

  • We can carry out interior roof and sub-floor treatments. Interior surface spraying will also be required to targeted areas such as door frames, doors, cupboards, floor boards, skirtings, scotias and in some cases furniture if required as well as pin-hole injection to exit holes where there are likely to be eggs laid. This can also be carried out to furniture items.