What You Need To Do Before Your Treatment

For best results, a pest control treatment requires you to do the following prior to your treatment:

Interior spray treatment

  • Clear your kitchen bench if possible, ensuring all food and cooking utensils are away

  • Put away towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper from the bathroom.

  • Put away pet bowls and toys

  • Cover pillows in bedrooms and cots in baby rooms and any children’s toys

  • Fish or reptile tanks should be covered and the air supply switched off.


Exterior spray treatment

  • If you plan to clean or water blast your house, this should be done before the spray treatment.

  • Cobwebs should be left intact and can then be removed 1-2 weeks after treatment with a soft bristled broom.

  • Do not hang washing out on the day of treatment

  • Move items away from the house for better access/a more thorough treatment to the building

  • Cover fish ponds

  • Windows (but preferably not the window surrounds) can be washed/cleaned after the spray treatment.


Flea treatment

  • Remove as many items off the floor as possible, including underneath beds and the bottoms of wardrobes.

  • Vacuum thoroughly prior to treatment and empty the contents of the bag into a rubbish bin outside, then don’t vacuum afterwards for at least a week.

  • Treat your cats/dogs with a good quality flea treatment no later than the day of treatment.

  • Point out to the technician where the pet resting areas are so these may be treated.

  • Access to a sub-floor may be required as this can be a breeding source.


Carpet Beetle treatment

  • Vacuum thoroughly prior to treatment paying particular attention to the edges and corners at least 100mm out, and then don’t vacuum afterwards for at least a week.

  • Move objects and furniture away from the interior perimeter of walls, preferably a metre out, or just as far as you can if this is not possible.