There are a lot of different species of wasps in new Zealand. The main problem wasps are the Paper Wasps and the German and Common Wasp species. If untreated, wasp nests in the right location or in a safe location can live through the winter and keep building up numbers which will make it huge.


These nests can either be built on structures, up trees or in the ground. Paper wasp nests can be treated and removed. German and Common Wasp nests can be treated and in some cases where possible broken up to totally eradicate the nest, however, in some cases this is not possible when they are burrowing into the ground.


What we do:

  • We disperse a dust insecticide into cavities/entrance holes which will enter through all galleries and cavities throughout the nest, where in most cases, eradication will occur within 24-48 hours.

  • In the case of Paper Wasp nests, if we can we will remove the nest following treatment.